Nuraia ticket vending machine

The Ticket Vending Machine 8850 series permits the payment of several services for Mobility, Entertainment and Public Transport. The
modularity of the project allows the possibility to install till three different type of printers; With this complete set of printers it’s possible to obtain thermal printing of tickets ISO standard, receipt tickets length 82 mm. and IATA format tickets. The monetics groups permit the management of
all the banknotes and all kinds of coins. The rest of the payment has been
TVM organized on two kinds of banknotes and all kinds of coins. 8850
presents two different displays: a 27” touch screen monitor for the user interface, a LED display with scroll text useful for service information.

Jegyelfogadó, jegykiadó Bankkártya olvasó, PIN pad Éremelfogadó Bankjegy olvasó Bankjegy visszaadó Bizonylat és menetjegy kiadó Kijelző Futófény, információ
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